My New Idea to Go With Dr. Fuhrman’s New Cookbook Coming Out October 8th!

I am committing to make every recipe in the book and post a photo and review of each here.

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Wheat Belly, The Paleo Caveman Diet, Dr Atkins and Eat to Live

Let me just start off this post by saying very clearly, I am not a doctor, a dietician, a nutritionist, a scientist or an expert of any kind in the field of healthy eating.  I am simply a person who has battled weight my entire adult life and have spent the same amount of time in personal study, reading, trying, living and coming to finally understand what healthy eating is for me.  Being almost 200 pounds overweight at one time, did not in any way diminish my knowledge of calories, carbs, fats, food combining, healthy eating etc. I just did not always choose to act on what I knew to be true for me.

For the past several days I have been listening to the book Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD.  While I was initially drawn to reading the book due to my own love of starch carbs (give me a potato or a chocolate any day) I was underwhelmed to say the least and frightened by some of the information espoused in the Wheat Belly Diet.  90% of what I heard, in MY OPINION, was complete hooey as much as I would have loved to believe it.  Anyone

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Why I Chose to Live to Eat, Instead of Living to Eat


For each of us individually, we have to decide what is right or true for us.  And this is no where more important than the food we eat.  For example, for me, I don’t eat animals.  Regardless of anyone’s opinion of if that is good or bad, right or wrong, that is my personal decision.  That being said, there are many wonderful Doctors whom I admire teaching about plant based diets and how to best achieve and maintain your ideal health.

For many years, my eating plan was like a buffet.  I would choose an appetizer from Dr John McDougall, side dish by Dr. Dean Ornish, main course by Dr Joel Fuhrman and dessert by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  I respect each of them very much and read everything they write.  For the most part they have very similiar programs with just a few differences.  For example, what I really love about Dr. McDougall is his stance on starches.  Lots of starches is music to my ears as a bread and pasta lover.  What I found was picking and choosing was not working for me.  I am sure it can

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Eat to Live, Rainbow Shredded Salad!

Breakfast or anytime!


Shredded beet, carrots, cauliflower and Pink Lady apple, served over a bed of chopped greens and sprinkled with raw sunflower seeds, fresh blueberries, and a few currants.   Also delicious with a little lime juice sprinkled on top!

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Nutritarian Recipes, (following the Eat to Live Program) by Dr. Joel Furhman

Welcome to Team Nutritarian!  I have committed to being a Nutritarian (Nute) for the rest of my life.  There is so much great information out there and so many wonderful recipes I decided to create a space for me to collect everything which works for me and my own personal journey of releasing almost 200 pounds.  And also, to share with others to support them.  As a weight loss and health coach my profession and in my heart, I am happiest sharing what I believe to be true with others.

You are welcome to join my AMAZING Facebook Group:  Dr Fuhrmans Eat To Live – Nutritarian Plant Based Diet and participate day to day.  As this web site grows I will be sharing what works and what doesn’t for me and inviting you to do the same.

Life is truly about Eating to Live, not living to eat, as I have spent so much of my life until the past year.

Teaching Healthy Living,


aka Juicy Judi, Living Vegan

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