Why I Chose to Live to Eat, Instead of Living to Eat


For each of us individually, we have to decide what is right or true for us.  And this is no where more important than the food we eat.  For example, for me, I don’t eat animals.  Regardless of anyone’s opinion of if that is good or bad, right or wrong, that is my personal decision.  That being said, there are many wonderful Doctors whom I admire teaching about plant based diets and how to best achieve and maintain your ideal health.

For many years, my eating plan was like a buffet.  I would choose an appetizer from Dr John McDougall, side dish by Dr. Dean Ornish, main course by Dr Joel Fuhrman and dessert by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  I respect each of them very much and read everything they write.  For the most part they have very similiar programs with just a few differences.  For example, what I really love about Dr. McDougall is his stance on starches.  Lots of starches is music to my ears as a bread and pasta lover.  What I found was picking and choosing was not working for me.  I am sure it can work for many people, but I need to have a clearer, more concise plan to follow.  I like having my guidelines and knowing exactly what they are.

Last year when I made the decision it was Eat to Live and Dr Fuhrman for me for the rest of my life, I felt a sense of relaxation.  Instead of attending a buffet,  I had a full and wonderful menu and could choose what ever I wanted from the menu daily.  Back in the day, when I did eat fish, my favorite restaurant in the world was Mama’s Fish House on Maui.  The menu had 6 signature presentations for the daily fish.  You could chose the presentation you wanted and then choose from a list of fish which were fresh that day.  Plenty of choices and at least 10-12 combinations daily and you could go a very long time without ever eating the same dinner.  All that and it came from just one menu.  Substitute fresh, local in season fruits and veggies for the fish and all of the wonderful ways to serve them and you have your own great menu.

Having a fixed menu gives me structure, which still giving me endless choices.  In Eat to Live,  The 6 Week Plan, there are some items, which simply are not on the menu to be found.  Does that mean I am always 100% free of all of them.  I know I am not perfect and I commit to doing the very best I can.  However, I no longer rationalize they are among my choices when following the Eat to Live program I am following.

Off limits:

Dairy Products

Animal Products

Between Meal Snacks

Fruit Juice


Eating to live, not living to eat…


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